The Rebbetzins Network
Speed Dating Virtual Events


1. How does The Rebbetzins Network Zoom Speed Dating work?

This event is broken down into 2 parts.

The first part consists of a Zoom "Chat Event". The Rebbetzins Network brings together a group of singles within a certain "hashkafa" and age group. Each of these individuals are invited to join a chat group (comprised of up to 10 singles of each gender) that is facilitated and moderated by a volunteer Rebbetzins shadchan.

The purpose here is "tachlis," so the conversation is very focused and goal-oriented. Over a period of consecutive nights, the individuals of one gender move as a group to meet with a new group of the other gender. The group setting is maintained with the Rebbetzins shadchan moderating.

After all introductions of that group chat have been made, the second part, a Zoom speed dating event, is scheduled.

2. How does a Zoom chat event differ from a Zoom speed date?

The zoom chat is a group meeting with the Rebbetzins shadchan moderating.

Zoom speed dating is a brief date with another single; just the two of them meet over Zoom.

3. Who is this event for?

All members of The Rebbetzins Network ages 18-35 are invited to apply to this event by emailing If you are not yet a member and would like to join the Rebbetzins Network, please fill out an application here. It’s free!

Email us at or click below to apply: