Become a Rebbetzin

Give Jewish singles priceless help at a crucial crossroad.

Join the hundreds of Rebbetzins in our network.

Earn the zechus of being part of the shidduch process.

Shidduchim are no picnic

It’s common knowledge that shidduchim are no picnic.
Even the most well connected singles whose parents are involved often have a tough time coming up with appropriate prospects.
But if you’re a single with a ba’al teshuva background and a very limited network, those prospects are often even more scarce

The Rebbetzin

A Rebbetzin is a wise, life-experienced, reliable person who actively works on behalf of one single at a time. A single who joins our program is entered into our database, and is paired with a Rebbetzin in his or her area. Each of our volunteers does whatever a parent traditionally does for their own child of marriageable age: advocating, suggesting names, giving a shoulder to lean on, and providing a plate full of brownies (when applicable). Some singles often join their Rebbetzin for a Shabbos meal as well!

Become a Rebbetzin

With our network cast widely over the US and Canada, the Rebbetzin effectively becomes the voice of the single, making the shidduch process a much smoother one. We are always on the lookout for volunteers who can help us with our mission and fill the role of a much needed Rebbetzin. If you have what it takes to become one, get involved today!

With our shidduch program, even a man can be a Rebbetzin.