Rebbetzins Retreat, Unveiled

Join us for the upcoming Retreat:
Friday, May 20- Sunday, May 22, 2022

Join us for a Rebbetzins retreat, and together with shadchanim and other like-minded singles, you can relax in the warm environment at our TheZone resort. Enjoy great food, stunning accommodations, and incredible fun, while attending exciting workshops and inspiring speeches prepared just for you.

With the opportunity to network with over forty shadchanim from around the country and meet people your age in a comfortable and kosher environment, it’s unsurprising that registration for the Rebbetzins Retreat fills up fast.

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The retreat is located at TheZone resort in Stamford, New York, with its sprawling campus and comfortable amenities - so that you have that unforgettable Shabbos experience. From the moment you arrive, you'll be treated to great food, purpose, fun, and inspiration.
You'll have the opportunity to meet and network with 40+ shadchanim and other like-minded singles. In addition to the speed-dating sessions, programming, workshops, and fun activities, there'll also be plenty of time to relax and forge new friendships.
Every person coming to the event is a qualified Rebbetzins Network member.
Our most recent retreat already boasts five engagements, B"H! Additionally, the retreat provides an invaluable opportunity to connect and network with shadchanim and mentors who can be there for you throughout your journey.

What they're saying...

"From the wonderful Shabbos meals with such warm Rebbetzins, to having a booked schedule with so many inspiring panels and speakers, no detail was missed or too small!"

"I wasn’t sure I wanted to attend, since I thought it might be out of my comfort zone. But after speaking to previous attendees and hearing such great remarks about their experiences, I decided to jump in. And I couldn’t be happier that I did."

"The retreat really helped re-energize me and give me hope by listening to words of Torah and advice and meeting so many wonderful people."

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Do you have an Oorah portal account? Apply even faster through the Oorah Portal! Click Here.