We gathered some of the best tips out there for everyone mulling over a recent date. Take a look, and see what speaks to you.

  • After a bad date, make sure to separate the person you’re dating from the date itself. Could it be you were too cold/tired/uncomfortable (or any other external factor) that made it a bad date, and it had nothing to do with the person you dated? 

  • Best advice I got! When I was dating someone a few times there was nothing wrong but my gut told me it was not going anywhere. A cousin of mine told me “Yeah,everyone says keep to go out because he’ll grow on you but….. mold also grows on bread.”

  • For the beginning of a relationship, the main question to ask yourself is “Do you like him/her?” Other decisions come later.

  • After each date, take time to reflect on how it went and compare it to what you are looking for.

  • If time goes by quickly during the date, it’s a good sign. If you had a good time, it’s also a good sign.
    If doubting, think: Would I feel comfortable walking together with them in the street? Would I want them to be a parent to my children? Are they someone I look up to? A role model? Will I be proud for them to be my spouse?

  • Look at a list of positive qualities and think how many of them they have.

  • Remember: A bad date isn’t always a dead end- your date might have a friend they think is a better fit for you. It’s happened!