Feeling some of those pre-date jitters? We’ve got you covered.

  • Say a perek of tehillim before each date – you will feel that Hashem is with you.

  • If you’re perfectly fine with a circumstance or out-of-the-box detail regarding your date, don’t ever hold back due to what others will think/say about it.

  • Take your time before a date so you have a chance to breathe, relax and get into the right perspective. Make sure you’re ready a little early so you don’t look or feel frazzled!

  • Don’t automatically say no before meeting because of something like an age gap, family background, height difference etc. If you are concerned about an issue like this, give it one date and see if it’s actually something that bothers you in person.

  • Try to find out as much info as you can before going out. Don’t go overboard, but as a general rule: Better to make more phone calls than fewer.